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Four qualities that are key to winning your client’s trust

Trust is the basis of a client relationship and the biggest factor in determining whether you’ll make the sale. You must show that developing this trust is important to you from the start, and make it a part of absolutely every exchange with the client. Building trust is also an essential part of making a good impression—a topic covered in our last newsletter.

There are four qualities that are key to winning your client’s trust: know-how, enthusiasm, interest and honesty. They are all interrelated. Picture four pillars supporting a roof: if we take away or damage any one of these pillars, the house collapses. Imagine crossing one of these qualities off the list—notice how something doesn’t seem quite right?

Clients see these four qualities in your actions, not your words. Would a salesperson who says “You can trust me” seem genuinely trustworthy to you? You likely won’t convince your client of your skills by telling them that you’re the best person for the job out of the lot. You need to prove yourself to be a competent salesperson through actions—every single time you communicate with the client. Your attitude and choice of words are extremely important in building the client’s trust in you.

How hard you’re willing to work to strengthen each pillar will determine whether you win the client’s trust. Work on these pillars individually, but aim to create one supporting structure. Be prepared to serve as a salesperson-guide.